Friday, September 6th, 2019

9:30-10:00 Coffee & light breakfast

10:00-10:05 Opening remarks

10:05-12:00 First session (Torrey Mandigo, chair)

“FIB-SEM to identify novel membrane structures critical for pronuclear membrane fusion in the C. elegans zygote”

Dr. Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman, NIDDK / NIH

“Emerin and nuclear structure of invasive breast cancer cells”

Alexandra Liddane, University of the Sciences

“Power law relationships in expression profiles link lamin B to proliferation and poor survival”

Manasvita Vashisth, University of Pennsylvania

“On the origins of shape fluctuations of the cell nucleus”

Dr. Alexandra Zidovska, New York University

Lightning talks:

“Nup188, an inner PCM protein, functions in centriole duplication”

Dr. Nidhi Vishnoi, Yale School of Medicine

“An induced pluripotent stem cell model of LMNA dilated cardiomyopathy to study the disease pathogenesis”

Melanie Maurer, Cornell University

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:15 Poster session (click here for poster presentations & abstracts)

2:15-4:00 Second session (Cathy Amaya, chair)

“The coordinated assembly of a functional nuclear envelope after mitosis requires the transmembrane nucleoporin NPP-22/NDC-1”

Michael Mauro, Yale University

“Src1 and the Dictyostelium nuclear envelope”

Dr. Denis Larochelle, Clark University

“Factors promoting nuclear envelope assembly in the absence of Cmp7”

Dr. I-Ju Lee, DFCI / Harvard Medical School

“Embryonic Genome Activation in Space and Time”

Dr. Matt Good, University of Pennsylvania

4:00-4:25 Coffee break

4:30-5:30 Keynote Address, David S. Pellman, MD, DFCI / Harvard Medical School / HHMI

5:30 Closing remarks