Poster presentations:

Download the abstracts as a PDF here.

1. Alexandra Liddane, “Emerin and nuclear structure of invasive breast cancer cells”

2. Dr. Mohammad Rahman, “FIB-SEM to identify novel membrane structures”

3. Melanie Maurer, “iPSCs of LMNA Dilated Cardiomyopathy to Study the Disease Pathogenesis”

4. Joseph Long, “Investigating the Role of NE Proteins in Mechanosensitive Gene Expression of Muscle Cells Using Precision Nuclear Run-On Sequencing (PRO-seq)”

5. Amanda Vines, “Homology testing rather than homology search may be rate limiting for interhomologue repair by homologous recombination in fission yeast”

6. Michael Tobin, “Rescue of Migration-Induced Nuclear Rupture by Myosin-II Inhibition Depends on Lamin-A”

7. Mai Wang, “High curvature pores favor nuclear envelope rupture and lamin-B1 dilution, especially for rapid distension”

8. Dr. Ivan Surovtsev, “Connecting chromosome structure and dynamics through high-precision microscopy, genetic perturbations and stochastic simulations”

9. Dr. Nidhi Vishnoi, “Nup188, an inner PCM protein, functions in centriole duplication”

10. Kuangzheng Zhu, “Live Cell Monitoring of Genome Variation caused by Nuclear Envelope Rupture”

11. Charlotte Pfeifer, “Scaling laws indicate distinct nucleation mechanisms of holes in the nuclear lamina”

12. Alexandra Burgess, “Dystrophin and ensconsin have opposing roles in regulating nuclear positioning”

13. Zaza Gelashvili, “Determining the Effects of Methylation by DnmA in Dictyostelium discoideum”

14. Torrey Mandigo, “Drosophila emerins control LINC complex localization and transcription to regulate myonuclear position”

15. Dr. Tae Yeon Yoo, “Sweet Control of Nuclear Transport”

16. Holly Merta, “The Nuclear Envelope Enriched Lipin Phosphatase CTDNEP1 Links Misregulation Of Lipid Metabolism To Chromosome Instability In Dividing Cancer Cells”

17. David Thaller, “The triggering of a spatially segregated ESCRT-nuclear envelope repair system leads to local nuclear membrane remodeling”